Past seminars

Autumn seminars 2016

Autumn seminars will be held in all countries from 15.11. till 24. 11. The main topic to cover all seminars will be focused on soil works, more specific topics depends on each country. As usual farmers will have the oportunity to see practical demonstration of SOILTEQ techniques on the field.

Date: 22. 11. 2016
Time: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. o'clock
Address: FARA RANČÍŘOV, Rančířov 1, 586 01 Jihlava
Attachments: pdf ikonaSOILTEQ_Invitation_4.pdf

Spring seminars 2017

This year spring seminars will take place from 22. 5. to 26. 5. Matthieu is going to speak mainly about crop rotation, permanent cover and cover crops. The further information of the topics vary from each country, but generaly we may say that he will talk about advantages of "long", "medium" and "short" covercrops and when to use them. In all countries second part of presentation will take place on the field where both Matthieu and Patrick will show work of the roots on soil probe. Matthieu will visite Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia nad Poland, Patrick is going to present in Romania.

Date: 22. 5. 2017
Time: 2:18 p.m. to 2:18 p.m. o'clock
Address: Evropské školicí centrum YMCA, Jiráskova 133 Litomyšl
Attachments: pdf ikonaSOILTEQ_Invitation_5.pdf