A ten-component intercrop mix of various species with high proportion of legume crops that actively fix atmospheric nitrogen for use by the subsequent crop. Suitable for green fallow due to significant effect of the recovery and reduction of weed infestation.

Composition: bristle oat (Avena strigosa), semi-perennial rye (Secale cereale var. Multicaule), purple vetch (Vicia benghalensis), hairy vetch (Vicia villosa), crimson clover, Egyptian or berseem clover (Trifolium alexandrinum), Chinese radish, brown mustard (Brassica carinata Etamine), phacelia, flax

  • Cover crop preceding corn / sunflower
  • Sowing rate: 15 kg / ha
  • Sowing: till mid-August
  • Disposal: mechanically / by glyphosate


Functional, freezable intercrop mixture with quick-start and high content of leguminoses, which are good as a natural nitrogen subsidies with symbiotic fixation. The Brassica carinata has a high phytosanitary effect on fungal pathogens and soil pests. Asia radish with vetch has deep roots and break compact layers, Vicia benghalensis (purple vetch) and Fiddleneck (Phacelia) reorganize the soil structure, together they have a very good melioration effect. The mixture has proven itself in the dry season and without fertilization (autumn 2016). Thanks to its rapid coverage it reduce the growth of both weeds and second growth and prevent unproductive water evaporation.

Composition: Chinese radish, Ethiopian kale (Brassica carinata), spring vetch (Vicia), Egyptian or berseem clover (Trifolium alexandrinum), phacelia

  • Cover crop preceding spring crops
  • Sowing rate: 10 - 12 kg / ha
  • Sowing: August till early September
  • Disposal: freezing

Greening 1

A quickly greening and partially freezable mixture, including purple clover for natural organically-bound nitrogen enrichment of soil and delivery of accessible nutrients for the subsequent crop.

Composition: mustard, red clover (Trifolium incarnatum)

  • Cover crop preceding corn / sunflower
  • Sowing rate: 15 – 20 kg /ha
  • Sowing: 15 July – 25 August
  • Disposal: mechanically / by glyphosate

Greening 2

meziplodiny_-_smeis_greening_2_smallweb.jpg A curative mixture with rapid autumn growth and option of early autumn incorporation of green manure by tillage or no-tillage sowing of wide-row crops into mulch of frozen intercrop.

Composition: mustard, phacelia



  • Cover crop preceding spring barley and other spring crops
  • Sowing rate: 15 – 20 kg / ha
  • Sowing: 15 July – 30 September
  • Disposal: freezing

Greening 3

A mixture is created for sowing processes with a high content of rapeseed and crucifers. Mixture is partially freezable and has strong ability to improve soil structure and bring nitrogen by symbiotic fixation. The clover recovers growth in the spring and if the sowing is 15 kg / ha, a spring cut off for feed and subsequent sowing of corn can be performed.

Composition: phacelia, red clover (Trifolium incarnatum)

  • Sowing rate: 10 - 15 kg /ha
  • Sowing: 15 July – 31 August
  • Disposal: mechanically / by glyphosate

Greening 4

Useful, fully freezable mixture, created for sowing processes with a high content of rapeseed and crucifers. Well balanced proportion and character of both components ensures simultaneous growth to create a large amount of matter. Mixture creats very good soil structure with subsequent enrichment of nitrogen by symbiotic fixation. It is necessary to do precise and early sowing without need to fertilize.

Composition: phacelia, Egyptian or berseem clover (Trifolium alexandrinum)

  • Sowing rate: 10 - 12 kg / ha
  • Sowing: 15 July – 31 August
  • Disposal: freezing / mechanically / by glyphosate


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