Our SOILTEQ project is performed in all countries where SOUFFLET AGRO is present. During our workshops we cooperate with external consultants who are leaders in conversional agriculture and bring practical knowledge and experience to our team.


“Agroecology is based on principles, not on recipes”

IMG_6966_web.jpg Matthieu Archambeaud is a knowledge disseminator of ideas about a primary interest in agriculture, food, soil, terroir, he is interested in any occupation that can allow him to disseminate knowledge, technique and reflexion. He is an expert in alternative agricultures and organizer of trainings. Since 2007 he facilitates the website www.agriculture-de-conservation.com. He permanently contribute also to the TCS magazine and with Frédéric Thomas, he is a co-author of the book Plant covers. Practical Management of Interculture, which was published by the Editions France Agricole.



"SOILTEQ farmer works with his heart, because he loves the land"

20161025_111111web.jpg The main target of the SOILTEQ project is to create a new model of agriculture which will lead to reducing the environmental impacts. This task was chosen by Patrick Valmary who has more than 25 years of experience in sustainable agriculture. His passion for sustainable agriculture dates back to the 1990s when he was already involved in the first trials of direct sowing, cover cropping and other soil conservation techniques in France.

He gained his experience also in the Eastern countries, especially in Hungary, Serbia and Russia and finally moved to Romania to pass his knowledge to farmers involved in the SOILTEQ club. Patrick collaborates here with a group of Romanian farmers, participated in a research and development program related to inter cropping. Within this program they try to develop an agricultural model that could be implemented by all farmers using a conventional farming but wishing to integrate models of an ecological farming.


Close cooperation and interaction on the SOILTEQ topics with our farmers and all club members is ensured through our SOILTEQ referents in each country.

There is also constant communication among the countries where the SOILTEQ club is taking place. Thanks to this communication we can receive experience from other countries which can help SOILTEQ become a more comprehensive and effective tool for sustainable agriculture.

Antoine SOILTEQ03 small.jpg Antoine Monier, CENTRAL COORDINATOR SOILTEQ
The SOILTEQ project is an important topic for me. It gives the opportunity to our farmers all around Europe to share experiences and improve their sustainability (environmental and also economical). With all the upcoming challenges that they will face (reduction of usage of chemicals, ending of sale of a lot of active substances, global warming, society expectation, preservation of biodiversity …), this project is really important to try and find the solutions of tomorrow.


fotka Lukasz Jakubowski small.jpg Łukasz Jakubowski, SOILTEQ REFERENT FOR POLAND
In SOILTEQ project, I see the future of agriculture. I liked the approach of cultivation that combines ecology with the farm's profitability. Thanks to SOILTEQ, I learned a lot about what really happens in the soil, how we can help the soil and take care of it. For me, this is the way how we can make the field not only a place for cultivation but our partner as well.


Pavlo Kotliar UA.jpg

My vision and general goal is to spread idea and interest of Sustainable farming and respect of enviroment in UA, also in others countries. Based on these principles (SF) to find and to develop optimal solutions for actual issues and to prevent further ones taking into account and understanding the proceeding features of local agriculture. 
For me, not being an idealist but SoilTEQ it's a possibility and one of the ways to make a contribution in changing “modern environment”, in order to make it better.

Sergey chernikov.PNG

In Russia, the limiting factor is drought and large areas of land. SOILTEQ is an excellent tool for improving soil structure, saving time and money on tillage, accumulation and preservation of moisture, which leads to the increase in crop profitability. Thanks to SOILTEQ club, Soufflet farmers and specialists share their experience not only among Russian farmers but also among those from Europe. Every year more and more farmers are becoming interested in SOILTEQ.


Marie Laure small.jpg

SOILTEQ allows farmers to optimize their working tool, the soil. For me, experience and sharing are two essential pillars for tomorrow's agriculture, both economically and environmentally. Thanks to SOILTEQ, we rediscover the soil in order to act to preserve the potential present under our feet.


Milen Marinov.jpg Milen Marinov, SOILTEQ REFERENT FOR BULGARIA
The SOILTEQ project will help us to unite efforts to stop the destruction of the soils. It will help us restore soil fertility, reduce the use of mineral fertilizers and chemicals. The SOILTEQ project will help farmers reduce their costs and improve their revenue. If we learn to speak the language of the soil, it will generously reward us. For me, the SOILTEQ project is the future that we all have to accept before it is too late.
Because Nature does not need us. We need Nature.